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Sorry no forum

Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:41 pm by icewind

Sorry, no Derideal forum now.

All topics are locked for maintenance reason.
This one is still open for the main time.
Don't worry, It will be back.

I you find an open topic other than this one, I forgot to close it so please don't post in it.

I also temporally removed all moderator right so you can't (accidentally) screw thing

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The Official Comic F.A.Q board

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The Official Comic F.A.Q board

Post by Fed on Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:27 pm

I, Fed god emperor of frustration, will answer any question not spoiler about the comic. and I'll write down a few ones that some people have asked me...but, If someone have a question that seems interesting, don't doubt asking me.sconf fono! sconf fono!


why Adres is Called Adres? it doesn't seem like a really original name. ( addres??)

well, like i have said, I created Adres at the moment of starting the comic, so, I really doesn't think of give him a name until the story force me to do it...and I wanted for him an odd name, SO, at highschool one day with some of my classmates we changed our names for words that sound similar, so my name is "Andres" and I was "Addres" (english word you know), so for the comic, I remember that and take a "d" and there you got "Adres" in fact, the name is like that, because I thought that Adres put himself that name or something like that.

How Adres has long hair, and a ponytail??

Well, Adres is a creature designed based on a Cat DNA, but almost fully re-designed with segments of human DNA, so, at some point, the DNA instructions for head hair are human, that explain why he has "hair", and not only fur in his head.
and why the ponytail? well, when I drawed Adres, I had a ponytail myself and my hair was the same leng of Adres hair, so I kinda wanted him with my hair style AHHA ,and for justify that, Some people, at some point of adres creation, put his hair in a ponytail because that way the hair doesn't interrupt or be an annoyance in operations, I think that was some female scientist or personnel that today it's not in project prime anymore, but her legacy continues XD..

Why Laura has blue hair?

well, I tend to be formal with hair or fur colors, but Laura is an exception, the real explanation is that I asked my girlfriend what color would be nice for Laura, cos I was between white, gray or brown...but my girlfriend say me "skyblue" sooo I think and say "why not" and Laura got his color... the reason for what I agree is this:

Laura was to genetically designed by someone for an unknow reason (will be revealed at some point of the history) and the person who secretly design her, give her "skyblue" fur, you know, just mixing some DNA codifications for pigments and such, why? I can't say, maybe for fun or taste in colors xD

Hey, why the comic prologue and begin seems to me like a game or something...??

the reason for that was that I started derideal when finished Silent hill 2 again, so I admit that I wanted for my prologue some effect of weird history and not connections in the plot, like random scenes that apparently follow a line until the end of the history, like a dream, in fact, almost all the prologue scenes and such have a meaning for me, and the story itself... it you think about it, some things of Adres dream have come true....the question is "Adres dream will come true at full? or all is coincidence?"

How you do the comic??

at first, scanner and pencil

later, only with my cheap genius tablet and photoshop

painted with cell shade and layers, not much production or special tratment, I really doesn't even ink the drawings, I just made it and paint's derideal style xD

Something inspired you to start derideal?

I can say that mostly the genial storyline of Silent hill 2, but Derideal story has nothing to do with silent hill 2 or it's even close to be similar...

other thing that is an inspiration for me is the sci-fi book "DUNE" of "Frank Herbert" a magnificent series of 6 books, works of a master.

and I must say, that derideal was somewhat inspired in a RPG ruleset I was making with my brother, so the world, techology, skills and fight scenes, are based on that RPG ruleset mini book we wrote. (so, Infiltrator is just a roleplaying class of that game)

why you english sucks?

cos I speak spanish, and the english I know if because I played RPG games, liked movies, I had english at highschool and english is kinda easy to learn by osmosis.

What's the Doctor C. Wally first name???

Uff, Noone knows for sure, not even I know what name hides behind the "C." Wink

Why the W.A.L.L.Y. robot looks so familiar?

cos W.a.l.l.y with legs design, looks a lot like "ED-209" robot from robocop (one of my favorites movies since I was child) so it's natural that I think that ED-209 style robots are the l337!
BUT, W.AL.L.Y maybe looks similar in the front view, but really is far different in design. if you want see it or you miss the W.a.l.l.y design, you can found it here: DEVIANT ART W.A.L.L.Y DRAWING

(w.a.l.l.y - 80 = Warfare advanced light levitation year - 80)



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OK, PART II of F.A.Q. coming

Post by Fed on Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:52 pm

- Why cats??
I like cats.

- why there'r a lot of "80" in the comic?

80 is a myth, that flow from various generations, is a number with unthinked mystic meaning, and if you pay atention, you'll start to see that "80" is everywere. and 80 is the only true answer.

- what means "project prime"?

really, it has no meaning, just a name I came up, but the "prime" part has relation cos I wanted something similar to "principal" or "first", related to the importance to the project.

- What means "Derideal" ??

when I created the comic for the prologue name, I doesn't thinked of any..but I wanted a tittle that was derived from ideal; So I simply join the two words...

DER (derivado in spanish) de IDEAL

- Do you have MSN/ GTALK/SKYPE, or something?
I just use MSN messenger. if you want it, ask me personaly (mail? forum? PM)

-you'll renew the first pages of the comic?
yes, some day...and that will occur only for special edition of the comic for "Wowio" and maybe for a printed one by LULU.
- there's always snow in the comic?
it's winter. and I like winter, maybe all the comic will be winter.

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